HISTORY WEEK Calendar 2018 – 2nd Annual

HISTORY WEEK will annually always be the last week of September to highlight and share Elk Grove history throughout the community. Business, organizations, schools, or anyone are encouraged to produce and schedule anything related to that goal on any day they please. There is no specific reoccurring or continuous event at this time other than the Plow to Plate Dinner and Entertainment venue on the first day of the celebration. Other than the dinner, it is up to others to develop their own traditions.

History week was the brainchild of David Lema. He was married to Lind Mae Mahon Lema (LMML) of the pioneering Mahon family on Grantline Road who passed away in 2016. They were both very much part of the local history, so when Linda passed, Dave decided to honor their passion by starting to record the oral history’s of the local residents before they were lost. The recordings are very enlightening and entertaining and are just beginning to be posted on the LMMLfoundation.com website. From the idea of recording history before its gone spurred Dave to promote our history that developed into History Week. He felt history is the roots of our community and joining in the participation of it seemed away for the community to connect.


                                              2018 CALENDAR

               Saturday, 22 September:

Plow-to-Plate Diner and Entertainment (6:00 – 9:00 pm). The LMML Foundation has partnered with the Elk Grove Historical Society to produce an evening of fine dining using only high quality produce from our area with entertainment using the foundation’s collection of oral history’s from local families. It will be held under tents and in front of the stage at the Elk Grove Historical Society’s Heritage Park Museum. ($80/person)

               Sunday, 23 September:

Pinkerton-Herburger Picnic at the Park (11:00 am – 2:00 pm). A joint activity between the Elk Grove Historical Society, Herburger Publications, and EGUSD at the museum with historical games and activities. Lunch available. (Activities are Free, lunch at your cost)

               Monday, 24 September:

Sloughhouse Cemetery Tour (4:00 pm – Dusk). (Free) Open for tours and hosted by area historian Roberta Tanner

               Tuesday, 25 September: 

Elk Grove Cemetery Tour (4:00 pm – Dusk). (Free) -Open for tours and family members of the deceased will be on hand to tell stories of their ancestors.

               Wednesday, 26 September:

Old Town Foundation Walking Tour of Old Elk Grove (6:00 pm – 9:00 pm) and dinner following at the Brick House. Meet at the Wells Fargo Stagecoach at the Old Town Plaza. (Tour is Free, dinner at your cost)

               Thursday, 27 September:

Franklin Cemetery Tour (4:00 pm – Dusk). (Free) – Open for tours and family members of the deceased will be on hand to tell stories of their ancestors.

               Friday, 28 September:

The Chamber of Commerce Luncheon (11:00 pm – 1:00 pm). Lunch will include well known local pioneering family son, Tom Mahon who will be speaking about the “History of Hops in our Area.”. (Lunch at your cost)

               Friday, 29 September:

Grantline Brew and Hop Fest (4:00 pm – 10:00 pm). will be an afternoon and evening celebrating the history of hops. It will held at the MahonRanch at 10171 Grantline Road, EG 95624 featuring displays and activities that will depict the historic hops farming operations of the area. First brewing of beer produced from local hops will be available in addition to other brew vendors, food, hayrides, music and dancing. Proceeds will go to the LMML Foundation to help continue their efforts to record local histories from families and individuals of the community. ($40/person covers all activities except purchase of beer and food)

               Saturday, 30 September:

Rotary Club Dinner (6:00 pm – 10:00 pm)  Dinner and  display of historic photos from Elk Grove and the area. Event held at the Bob Lent ranch Barn. (Dinner at your cost)