Facility Rental

The Elk Grove Historical Society has decided to offer the entire grounds and buildings for business meetings, company picnics, recognition and holiday parties, small parties, family reunions, luncheons, and various gatherings and events. At this point we have limited room, but are working toward larger events in including bigger weddings in 2019. We offer the grounds for your use and design, as well as the Rhoads School, and we have an event planner (See contact numbers above) that you can work with.


Most Events: Grounds/buildings rental at $150/hour with a two hour minimum and $100 deposit. – This includes tables, chairs, a gift table and 2 assistants.

Weddings: Grounds/buildings rental at $150/hour with a two hour minimum and $500 deposit and a tent set-up fee of $500 when requested by the those that are to be wed.

There are many more options including: party planning, assistance with decorations, clean up and catering to name a few. Call us to discuss your ideas and let us help you make your next event special and exciting!
Below are samples of the forms you will be asked to fill out if you are interested in renting the facility. They are provided to give you an idea on your many options and what we would need to know. Welcome!