Oral History Pod Casts

In 2016, the Linda Mae Mahon Lema (LMML) Foundation started recording oral histories of long time residents of the greater Elk Grove area to capture the history of our community before it is lost. They convert snippets of the conversations into enjoyable bits of our history in to pod casts. Some stories are only three minutes long to twenty minutes.


Linda Mahon was part of the local pioneering Mahon Ranch family on Grantline Road who married David Lema another long time resident family of Elk Grove. Unfortunately, Linda passed away in September 2015. To honor her and the belief they both cherished that history roots and connects a community, Dave founded the LMML Foundation in her memory. Please, enjoy the fruits of their work and take a step back in to time.

If you know of someone who can share their past with us, please contact the foundation at foundationlmml@gmail.com or call at 916-685-4918.

COMING SOON – We are in the process of figuring which is the best format to display all the different Podcasts in. We will mention it in the Stage Stop Gazette newsletter when we are upon and running. Thank you – LOUIE