CALENDAR – Rhoads School Docent Assignments 2019-20

The purpose of this calendar is to display the monthly class assignments for Docents and Fire Starters for the Rhoads School Living History Program through the 2019-1920 school year. Hopefully, it will be a resource that all can use to check assignments. If there are any changes, please contact Louie as soon as possible so he can make corrections to keep us all current.

We have only listed the school and the docent on each date as there is only so much room. Fire Statrers are listed at the bottom for their assigned weekday. If there is a known request for costumes it will be noted.

For confidentiality’s sake, no contact information is listed. All should have their own copies, but all assignments information and contact information is still listed on the clip board in Rhoads School Library.

2019 – 2019 – 2019 – 2019 – 2019 – 2019

2020 – 2020 – 2020- 2020 -2020 – 2020

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