Elk Grove History Week – 2018

September 23- September 29, 2018

Elk Grove History Week was conceived by local pioneering family member Dave Lema to capture, maintain and celebrate our local history.  His foundation has partnered with the Elk Grove Historical Society and many other organizations to form resolutions by each to support the cause.  We believe this is the start of something important to share and come together as a community.

There are many events planned throughout the week in several types of venues.  Please search our website, the Elk Grove Citizen, Ardent Magazine, and various organizational newsletters for participating activities that may not be listed below.  Most events are free to the public.

Calendar of Events

  • Sunday, September 23 – Plow-to-Plate Dinner & Entertainment 
  • Monday, September 24 –
  • Tuesday, September 25 – 
  • Wednesday, September 26 – 
  • Thursday, September 28 –
  • Friday, September 29 –
  • Saturday, September 30 –
  • Saturday, September 30 –