2023 Founders Day w/ Historian of the Year award

Partnering with CCSD, the Elk Grove Historical Society created “Founders Day” to celebrate the history of Elk Grove. September 2023 was the first annual presentation and was organized by Susan Hernandez. It has also offered us a venue to present our annual “Historian of the Year” award, this year given to Louis Silveira. It will be a free event highlighting many historic activities for children and adults. It will be slated for the second Saturday in September each year.


The Elk Grove Historical Society Elizabeth Pinkerton History Award was presented by the lady herself to this years winner, Louis Silveira. Also, a Proclamation of Recognition given by the California Assembly and presented by Assembly member Stephanie Nguyen and City Council member Darren Suen to the Elk Grove Historical Society for creating the event and for Louis Silveira for his award.







The Blacksmith Statue created by sculptor Bruce Carty many years ago and moved to Heritage Park in 2022 was dedicated.






One of the many historical activities that day was a blacksmith demonstration by Brandon Feickert.