Elk Grove has been around since 1850 and there has been a lot of structures that have come and gone over those years. Fortunately, many still remain. They may have been remodeled, totally rebuilt, but they still exist in some form or another. Some are residences and some are businesses and some have switched to the other? Our goal is to find those buildings and tell each’s history. We will search records and files and talk to residents to get a picture of the story of the building. There may be a lot of history available or very little, but at least we can build on it. Many stories won’t be complete, but we have to start getting the information down before the ones who know are gone. There is no end to it. If you have any information regarding any property, please contact the historical society at (916) 685-8115. Thank you.

Fox’s Bakery – 8936 EG Blvd

Stafford House – 9031 EG Blvd

Marv’s and J&R’s Drive Inn – Florin