Fox’s Bakery

Fancy decorated birthday and wedding cakes are the specialty of Fox’s Bakery located in the Karamanos building on Elk Grove Boulevard.

This is an old photo, but after Fox’s Bakery became Main Street Market

In addition to the fancy cakes they also offer a full line of bakery goods and pastries including donuts cookies, rolls, snails, cakes, and many varieties of bread.

Manager Everett Fox

The local bakery is owned by Angus Fox, but it is his son Everett who manages the business.

Angus was born in Salt Lake City, Utah where he attended both grammar and high school. It was in Salt Lake City where he married his wife, Esther. While at Salt Lake City, Angus did dry farming, and he later operated one of the largest orchards in Utah.

They moved to Montello, Nevada, and Angus became active in the operation of a copper and iron ore mine, and after a short stay in Nevada they moved to California in 1935 where he continued in the mining business at Nevada City. With his brother-in-law they operated the Deer Creek Placer Mining Company before returning to Nevada in 1938 for one year to operate a trucking business.

Later in 1938 they moved to Grass Valley where he worked for the Idaho Maryland Mine Company.

Everett, who manages the bakery in Elk Grove, was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. He was one of seven children including Angus Fox Jr. of San Francisco, Olive Scott of Sparks, Nevada, Maude Rice of Btiggs, Elva Haag of Sacramento, Adeline Elmer of Phoenix, Arizona, and Ruth Fox, a student at Brigham Young University at Provo, Utah.

Everett attended grammar school in Salt Lake City until 1935, and when the family moved to California he completed his education. While living in Grass Valley Everett started working for the McCauley Bakery, and after working and learning the business for one year he bought the business with his father. They sold the bakery three years later in 1946, when Angus went into the lumber business and Everett started working for the railroad.

They returned to the bakery business in 1948 when they bought the Alta Bakery in Nevada City which they operated for five years.

Esther Fox obtained a school teaching job at Elk Grove Grammar school in 1935, so Angus became a bus driver at the school in the same year. In addition to teaching school Esther keeps books for the bakery.

When Angus decided to open the Elk Grove bakery, Everett and his wife Ruth moved to Elk Grove to manage the business. Everett and his Rurh live with his parents on Elk Grove Boulevard and their seven children including Kathryn 10, Gary 8, Jimmy 7, Yvonne 5, Johnny 3, Steven 2 and Denise, nine months.

Other employees at Fox’s Bakery are Stella Adam, Carol Scott, and Rodell Buechler. – Information from the Elk Grove Citizen.

Angus at work
Stella Adam and Carol Scott
Rodell Buechler