Frasinetti’s Winery

Frasinetti’s Winery was founded on the southern edge of Sacramento over 100 years ago in 1897. James Frasinetti, the founder, was an Italian immigrant who brought with him ” Old World” winemaking knowledge and a desire to build a reputation for his quality wine. James and Rose Frasinetti raised a large family and planted vineyards with a pioneering spirit. For the next two decades, the winery grew and prospered.

Originally, wines were delivered into Sacramento by hours-drawn wagons. At its peak, Frasinetti Winery planted 400 acres and was shipping wine by the railroad and distributed as far as the east Coast. Prohibition stuck in the 1920’s and most wine production ceased. The winery survived by selling grapes for table use and by making “Alter Wine” for the Church. During this period, the Frasinetti family concentrated on farming.

During the 1940’s, expansion was the winery’s path. The 1950’s brought with it the demise of the agricultural growing area. There was also a cultural shift with people moving away from the rural community. The decade of the 1960’s was introduced with a wine boom. Wine was no longer used only on special occasions or just by the “old world”population. By this time James’ sons Amelio, Constadino, and Joseph were comfortable in their ways. The winery made few changes during this period.

The 1970’s saw third generation grandsons, Howard and Gary, take over operation of the winery and began to make changes from a winery that produced generic wines in large Redwood vats, to a small, progressive winery blending old traditions with improved methods of the present. Varietal wines continue to be produced with emphasis directed toward quality and the use of Oak and Redwood cooperage.

In 1985, Howard and Gary established a restaurant in the old “East Cellar” among the cement fermentation tanks and large Redwood wine vats. Through the 1990’s the winery and restaurant have remained a successful operation, serving banquets in the large banquet rooms and weddings outside in the Grande Gazebo, making special moments memorable in a beautiful historic setting.

Through the 2000’s the restaurant and winery continue to flourish and is still a popular spot for class reunions, anniversary, and many local gatherings. Howard and Gary are getting along in years and are looking for new owners to carry on the tradition set by their grandfather.

Besides the Restaurant there is a Tasting Room and Gift Shop to visit. Everything is closed on Mondays.

Frasinetti’s Winery and Restaurant: 7395 Frasinetti Road (P.O. Box 292368), Sacramento, CA 95829 (926) 383-244, www, – Located on the south side of Florin Road along the railroad tracks.