History – Foulks Family

The original Foulks house, the oldest remaining original residence in the Elk Grove area was moved to its present site, the Elk Grove Stage Stop and House Heritage Park. This home was constructed in 1853 on a ranch located at Elk Grove Boulevard and Bruceville Road. Slated for demolition in 2004 it was donated to the Elk Grove Historical Society by Frank Stathos, moved there in 2006 and restoration was completed in 2020. It has been made into a small museum highlighting the family.

Here is the story of the Foulks family and how everything came to pass….

           Foulks Family History:

We have a long detailed and extensive history of the entire six generation Foulks Family dating back to the early 1800’s, the trip out to California, and their ranch life in Elk Grove.

Without all the detail, a simple basic version is, Euphemia “Effie” Foulks lost her husband Alfred Foulks in 1847 in Ohio. Her brother Jonathan Pugh felt she had a better chance for success in California, so in 1851 she and her four remaining children headed west.

There were many trial and tribulations, but ultimately Effie received a 320 acre land grant selected by her brother in Elk Grove in 1853. They called it Oakwood Ranch because of all the oak trees. She and the children lived in the covered wagon until their house was finished in 1854. They all lived in that tiny house for many years while they built up the ranch. The first vineyard of Mission grapes in Sacramento County was established on the Foulks ranch in 1858. One son George, attended college and returned in 1881 to take over the ranch. George had a son Guy who rose to further prosperity taking over the ranch from his father and was a prominent and key public figure in the local community.