History – Town of Wilton

Wilton history goes back to 1908 when the Central California Traction Railroad line choose to build a station on the property of a rancher named Seth Wilton located at Wilton Road and Green Road. A small settlement grew up around the Wilton Station and became the community of Wilton.

Wilton remains a rural agricultural community with a population of 5,363 (2010 census). The two main roads are Wilton and Dillard. The main business community is small and consists of the Wilton Store, Connor’s Sand & Gravel, US post Office, Sheriff’s Station and Volunteers, Wilton Garage, and Steve’s First Class Second Hand Store. Down the road in the Dillard area is the Dillard Store, The Wilton Fire Station #81, The Dillard School and the Wilton Bible Church and Christian School make up the two business hubs of the area.

The Wilton History Group, a non-profit, was organized in December 2003 to collect, preserve, and maintain records of historical value of Wilton and the surrounding area. Also, recording oral interviews.

They hold an annual Wilton History Day event on the second Saturday of October that is located on the Dillard School grounds. They display the many items collected over the years and to promote their work. It is a fun day of activities such as a spelling bee, market place, 80 birthday and rooster crow contest, food, and music. It is well attended by many residents and neighbors.

You are welcome to attend their fourth Monday of the month meetings or write to Wilton History Group, P.O.Box 421, Wilton, CA 95693. For more information and membership forms see their website at www.wiltonhistorygroup.org.

They are always looking for volunteers to help in their purpose.