HISTORY – LMML Audio Casts


Dave Lema created the Lind Mae Mahon Lema (LMML) Foundation in 2016. The Lema Family were long time members of the community and Linda was part of the pioneering Mahon Family who still farm their huge 600 acre ranch on Grantline Road. Dave and Linda both graduated from Elk Grove High School in 1965 and had a love for history. They were both worried that much of the history of Elk Grove was disappearing with the gradual loss of many of the old timers, so on the sad loss of his wife in 2015, Dave created the foundation in her name to capture oral histories of local residents.

Dave makes contact with the resident, schedules a 1-hour meeting, and then records the interview. Afterwards, his crew takes snippets of the conversation and produces “Audio Casts” of the conversation, lasting 3-10 minutes long each. The Audio Casts are free to the public to listen to.

If you are know anyone who cares to share their history or stories of growing up in the greater Elk Grove area, please contact the foundation and set-up a visit at


To access the multitude of recordings please click on this line and then the link.

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