Tom Russell Research Library – 2016 Photos

Tom Russell was a local resident who was very much involved in the Elk Grove history and preservation of it and as you would suspect the Elk Grove Historical Society has been offered many historic, or at least old, artifacts over time. We needed a designated area for there preservation. In the Summer of 1916, in the basement of the Elk Grove House and Stage Stop Museum, a few years after Tom’s passing, the Tom Russell Research Library was dedicated and opened to the public. It is a treasure trove of historical memorabilia donated to the society from various families and organizations. We have files of family names, schools, a complete set of Elk Grove High School yearbooks, cemeteries, obituaries, churches, organizations, clubs, events, historic books, micro film, etc., plus furniture, clothing, farm equipment and myriad of artifacts. Here are a few photos of the dedication and just a sampling of what is available to you. It is open by appointment only, so please leave a message on the historical society phone at 916-685-8115 we will get back to you. Its an amazing place.