Sculptor Bruce Carty

Bruce Carty started Sculpting statues in 1975 and retired in 2012 when Parkinson’s made it difficult for him to work. He has over 100 completed statues scattered over 35 states, mostly in California. Below is a sampling of some of his work. Enjoy!

His is entire life story is told in “History – Other Related Topics” titled “Blacksmith Statue” on the Menu to the right on the Home page.

This first photograph is of “The Blacksmith” that was donated to the Elk Grove Historical Society in early 2021 by steel company owner Larry Alexander.

Member Jim Entrican with the “Blacksmith”

Early in his career, Bruce is well known for his two large masterpieces, a buffalo and an Indian, that were commissioned by Ray Steele to draw attention to his real estate offices in Sheldon, California. They were moved there in 1979.

His first attempt at sculpting was a life-size likenesses of George Washington and his second attempt was a “Minuteman.”


Over his almost 40 years of artistic endeavors he has produced statues for a variety of clientele; some businesses and private commissions, but a majority are of school mascots. The remainder of the photographs are a sampling of his collection of accomplishments.

Old Minor
Gold Minor
Mighty Bulldog
Trojan #2
Trojan #3

For various reasons, Bruce has kept some of his masterpieces and they are scattered about his property in Sloughhouse.

The Thinker by Rodan
Replica of one of the pieces of his favorite sculptors

This artistic man has also written a book, “He Is But The Wind.” It’s about a young man who wants to write, but his creative writing professor says he needs to go out and experience life because it will make him a better writer and it will have more meaning. The story is about that journey and all the experiences along the way. It’s an enjoyable easy read.