Special Volunteers

Any organization is only as good as the people who support it. Fortunately we have many members who step up and always seem to get involved. We are so grateful and wanted a way to acknowledge the many who always seem to be assisting in some way.

Over the years we have had many superb volunteers and friends. These are just some of the latest regulars we would like to say thank you to. It is by no means complete and others will be added over time. But for now…


The Rhoads School schedules 80 living history classes a school year taught by docents that teach an all day class, circa 1890’s, which also includes a pre-visit to the school to prepare the class. We have six docents that share the load and one will be in training next year.

Roberta Tanner is Director of the Rhoads School and head Docent which is only the tip of the ice berg of the duties that this woman is able to accomplish.




Sue Davis has been a docent for many years. Lives in Sacramento and enjoys Sacramento schools who visit our school.




Helen Diepenbrock has been a docent for many years and is often requested.





Susan Hernandez, is no longer on docent duties, but has become docent trainer. She  is also the Secretary/Treasurer for the Rhoads School board and is chairwoman for the Spring Tea.




Robin Kren is one of our newer docents but has really taken on her role. She seems to be our go-to-girl.





Lisa Jensen is another new docent





RHOADS SCHOOL – Fire Starters:

The Rhoads School had no electricity in the 1890’s so there is no air conditioning other than opening windows and there is no heat except for a stove in the front corner. Every morning on a day a class is scheduled, a fire starter arrives and starts a fire to warm the school in preparation for arrival of the students.

MONDAY – mornings Mike Anda & friend Mary Mendoza prepare the school for arrival of the students.








TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS – Gary & Karen Lindner get the heat going.





WEDNESDAYS – are handled by Elk Grove Historical Society President Ken Miller.





FRIDAYS – vacant at this time


Jim Entrican was raised in Elk Grove and graduated for Elk Grove High School in 1960 and is married to Annaclare (Saner) who graduated from Elk Grove High School in 1961. They were voted 2017 Elk Grove Citizen’s of the Year by the Elk Grove Citizen. Together they are invaluable to the running of the Elk Grove Historical Society. Jim gets all the projects planned and done, often by a donation of the supplies with just a handshake and a kind word. He manages all the care of the grounds and inside the museum. He is a whirlwind of activity and recently was instrumental in the planning  and completion of the The Gate House entrance, the Blacksmith Shop/Storage Shed, the Dennis Buscher Plaza, the Patio cover, and he and his crew set up all the canopies for all the events and fundraisers. He is the driving force and founder of the first Plow-to-Plate Dinner event in September 2017. Jim retired as facility manager in 2018 and continues to be involved.

Mary Bulford attends all our board meetings and adds input in to our discussions. She volunteers for many fundraisers and is forefront in the Spring Tea and Yard Sale.




Annaclare Entrican involves herself in almost everything we do.





David Lema founder of the LMML Foundation who captures local oral histories and creator of History Week has partnered with the historical society in many ways.




Elizabeth Pinkerton retired teacher, principal, school board contributor and Elk Grove Historian is a foundation of our society and go-to-girl when it comes to history. She participates in many of our events and is a big supporter. She has created 3 books on the story of Elk Grove and sells them at many of our events. All proceeds go toward her yearly 5 $1000 dollar scholarships.



Mark and Beth Hedlund are deeply involved in the Strauss Festival, but Mark seems to find time to emcee and host several of our events.




Vickie Moore heads the high school student crew and prepares everything for the Spring Tea and several other events.




Jackie Lewis seems to be helping at every event. Thank you.